I gatchu

I know little about loosing a mother,
Because mine has always been by my side never a bother,
But loosing someone you really care about;
That I know too well,
How it feels like hell
Because I’ve lost a couple people;
Some not to death, but to a different life.

I wouldn’t know what to say to make you have hope again,
My words may come out wrong,
Causing more harm than good.
But this I know too well
And with so much confidence shall I say,
That time heels all wounds; nothing beats it.
And though sorrow may last for a night,
With Christ joy comes in the morning.

Grieve as long as you should,
But not too long lest it swallow you up.
She wouldn’t want that, would she?
Mourn her, it’s human,just as is laught
Because our hearts break when we lose our people;
Grieving helps ease the pain
Pain is good though,it reminds us just how much they meant too us
It reminds us also that at the end of the day we are humans; things hurt us

The storm is meant to make you stronger,
First it breaks you; then you have to be put back together a fresh
Just don’t love the broken pieces too much
So you choose them over the whole piece of art..
You are meant to be whole,it doesn’t matter how long it will take